Writing a Business Plan

If you are new to writing a business plan, a good tip is not to get hung up on it and overthink things.

Here are six things that are important to consider, before you start writing:

  1. Why do you want to start a business and how will measure success?
  2. What resources do you currently have to start your business?
  3. What resources do you still need to start the minimum viable version of your business?
  4. What is your product or service and how is it valuable to your customers?
  5. Who are your target customers and how do you know?
  6. How will you reach them?

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What are some good tips for first-timers who want to write a good business plan?
Bo Ghirardelli, Co-founder and CEO at Skysthelimit.org
September 27, 2019, Featured on Forbes and Inc