Go on a cleanse this summer — a financial cleanse

You’ve likely heard about those trendy diet cleanses. But there is a different kind of cleanse that you should definitely try — a financial cleanse. This type of cleanse could help you put money towards debt reduction, an emergency fund, or even send you on an end of summer getaway! Whatever the reason, it might be time for a money do-over. Here are six steps for a financial cleanse:

  1. Track spending;
  2. Create an inventory of what you have;
  3. Go on a digital cleanse;
  4. Keep a list of your spending regrets;
  5. Go on a fiscal fast; and
  6. Stay accountable.

To read more about these six steps, read Tips on How to Go on a Financial Cleanse This Summer.

Credit to co-opcreditunions.com
Tips on How to Go on a Financial Cleanse This Summer