10 summer savings tips

Do you have big plans for the summer, but a small budget?

Here are 10 tips to put things in reach for you:

  1. Visit a thrift store – spring cleaning yields plenty of deals when thrift stores have an influx of great stuff.
  2. Work out on the cheap – many gyms offer special deals in the summer.
  3. Update your home goods – big ticket items like appliances are often discounted at this time of year, when the focus shifts to outdoors.
  4. Plan travel with online tools – these make comparison shopping easy.
  5. Buy produce in bulk – consider signing up for a CSA or community-supported agriculture program.
  6. Grow your own food – from seeds or seedlings, its wholly rewarding and healthy.
  7. Stick with generics
  8. Host a summer bash – with DIY decorations and potluck.
  9. Cut your gas costs – carpool or use public transportation when possible.
  10. Clean out your home – a garage sale can yield quick cash or you can sell more valuable items online.

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Credit to money.usnews.com
10 Summer Savings Tips
By Kimberly Palmer, Staff Writer, May 20, 2015