10 Tax Moves to Make Before 2018

You still have a little time before saying goodbye to 2017, but time is running out. You can still take advantage of some valuable tax breaks.

  1. Take full advantage of state and local tax deductions while they’re still available.
  2. Complete a planned home purchase if it exceeds $500,000 in value.
  3. Pay off sizable medical expenses before the end of the year.
  4. Prepay student loan interest.
  5. Educators: Pay classroom-related expenses early.
  6. Accelerate other expenses that would qualify as itemized deductions.
  7. Get your retirement plan contributions done.
  8. Get your portfolio losers sold.
  9. Arrange to have income deferred into next year.
  10. Make sure you’re not going to owe a tax penalty.

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10 Tax Moves to Make Before 2018
Time’s running out on some valuable tax breaks.
Dan Caplinger, Dec 1, 2017