7 Social Security Changes for 2018

Social Security may be the most important social program in the U.S.  Every year in October, the Social Security Administration announces its annual changes to the Social Security program. Here are seven changes coming in 2018.

  1. Social Security beneficiaries are getting a raise;
  2. The maximum monthly payout rose quite a bit;
  3. Wealthy Americans will owe a little bit more in 2018;
  4. The full retirement age is on the rise;
  5. Withholding thresholds for early filers will climb, once again;
  6. Disability income thresholds inch higher; and
  7. Qualifying for Social Security got incrementally harder.

To learn more about each of these seven changes, read the full article on fool.com.


Credit to The Motley Fool
7 Changes to Social Security in 2018 Benefit, tax, and even qualifying guidelines are changing for America’s most important social program. Here’s what you need to know.
Sean Williams, Oct 22, 2017