Is $1 Million Really Enough to Retire On?

The meaning of “millionaire” has changed in today’s society as our dollars don’t go nearly as far. You can thank inflation. Here are a few things you should do to help you prepare:

  1. The 4% Rule (now the 3-3.5% Rule): experts advise withdrawing no more than 3-3.5% of your total retirement savings in any given year.
  2. Do the Math: calculate what that 3-3.5% will provide you with, so you are aware of the amount you will have to pay your expenses.
  3. Set Your Expectations: Understand that you will have to live within your “new means,” which may lead you to adjust your lifestyle.
  4. Make Change While You Still Have Time: If you have done the math early enough, you may still have time to boost your retirement savings by either increasing your income or reducing your expenses.

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Is $1 million really enough to fund your retirement?
Wendy Connick, The Motley Fool
Published June 23, 2017; Updated June 25, 2017